We work hard to provide a cost effective, honest and reliable service.  We realise that money doesn’t grow on trees, just the same as everyone else does.  When quoting for repairs and computer support, we do our best to ensure you really do get the best possible value for money.  We’re happy when our customer is happy!

If you’ve already been quoted for repair work locally, why not let us try to provide a better quote?
Remember we offer a free collection service, and we’re happy to come to your home or business to provide computer repairs and support.

So, how does it work?

The cost of repairing your computer will depend on the time it will take to investigate and resolve the problem, based on the reported customer issue.  It may sometimes also be necessary to replace specific parts if a hardware failure has occurred.

We will never replace parts where it is not necessary unless the customer has requested an upgrade.  We will always return your old parts to you with your computer if requested.

We will always provide a cost estimate and agree this with you before carrying out the repair so you will know in advance what the cost will be.  If we are visiting your home or business to carry out the repair we’ll discuss this with you first.  If we’ve collected your equipment for repair we’ll contact you to make sure that you are happy with the costs before we proceed with the work.

If you have used the collection and delivery service and decide to go ahead with the repair then the cost of the collection and delivery service is included in the repair price.  If you decide not to proceed with the repair there will be a small charge to cover our investigation and transport costs and to return your computer to you.

Find out how to book our collection and delivery repair service.

Get computer support now!

Easy as 1-2-3

Let us know your problem Get in touch with us with your computer, network, gadget or IT problem by calling 0118 321 3562 or via our contact form
Let us come to you! We’ll arrange to come to you to fix the problem, or collect your computer to be repaired
Problem Solved! In most cases we’ll resolve your problem at your home or business.  If we collect your computer for repair, we’ll contact you with an estimate for costs before proceeding with any work.  Once complete, we’ll arrange to deliver back to you.


How To Pay

We are able to accept cash, cheque or debit/credit card payments for all of our services.  If you have used our Collection and Delivery repair service, or on site service, we can take credit/debit card payments at your home.

Business users will be invoiced for work carried out with standard payment terms of 30 days.


All work carried out by Caversham Computers is in accordance with our Terms of Business