Whole House Wi-Fi Coverage

If you live in a large home with many rooms in your house, or a home with solid brick walls or many floor levels, you may find that you have issues with receiving the wi-fi signal from your home broadband router in parts of your home.

If you are unable to reliably receive WiFi signal in the bedrooms, upper floors or other parts of your house or suffer from ‘dead spots’ in your WiFi signal, we are here to help.

We can create a seamless WiFi network throughout your home.  This upgrade gives you the freedom to enjoy the use of your laptops, iPad’s and other devices whilst roaming in any area of your home, and even garden or home office without degradation of WiFi signal.  We will also provide a reliable connection for games consoles, smart tv’s, wireless printers and any other network connected devices.

You won’t need to change your broadband provider, or router and our wifi installations are neat, tidy, free of trailing cables, and can be very discreet.

By completing an initial wifi survey at your home we can install a custom system optimised for your property by planning location and frequency of all parts of the wireless network and minimising interference, to ensure the fastest speeds.  By doing so, we can install a faster more reliable network than the usual self install wifi extenders or repeaters –  One wifi network, one wifi password, seamless coverage.

Please contact Caversham Computers, we’ll be happy to pop round to advise how we can help.