Data Backup & Recovery

We store an incredible amount of data on our home computers, laptops and other devices.

When you save your photos, documents and other files on your computer they are most often saved and stored on the hard disk drive internally.  This is usually a mechanical device, which actually spins inside your computer (ever wondered why you could hear your computer whirring and clicking?)

Unfortunately mechanical items don’t last forever and all hard disk drives will fail eventually.  When your hard disk drive fails you can often lose everything you’ve saved on your computer.  Also, if you have a laptop which gets dropped, it often causes the hard drive inside it to fail, also risking losing all your files.  Of course, you could lose or have a laptop stolen and lose your data that way too!  This is why it is a very wise idea to keep your data backed up.

Caversham Computers can help you back up your documents, photos and anything you save on your computer, so in the event of a system failure, you have them safely stored on a backup.  Imagine if you lost all your photos from your digital camera, or all your videos of the family, or all your important documents on your computer.

If your computer has failed and won’t ‘boot up’ when you turn it on, we can still help and can often recover most if not all of what you had saved on your computer.  We can also replace failed parts and bring your existing computer back to full working order.

Some signs that your hard disk drive is beginning to fail are:

  • Computer takes several attempts to start up
  • You can hear more clicking or whirring than usual
  • Hard Disk Drive (HDD) light on front of computer stays on for long periods
  • Slow to boot up or load applications
  • Disappearing data or files
  • Messages such as “cannot read file, retry?” or “cannot find file”

If you experience any of these issues, we recommend that you stop using your computer and get in touch – the sooner you have this looked at the more likely it is that we can recover your documents from your computer.

As always, if in doubt just get in touch and Caversham Computers will offer you expert advice.