Windows 10 update breaks internet connection

Customers may find that they are having trouble connecting to the internet following a software update which was pushed to Windows 10 and Windows 8 users as part of Windows Update last week. Your computer may display “Limited or no connectivity” and not connect to the internet. This problem can affect desktop, laptop and Windows tablet computers.

This issue is reported to affect BT and Plusnet customers, but we are hearing that it can also affect customers of other internet providers. The problem relates to the computer not being able to obtain or renew an IP address from the router, which means that it cannot get online.

Until Microsoft devises a fix, if necessary, the software giant’s advice is simple – just reboot your PC.
A simple reboot may not always be effective at clearing the problem: sometimes it takes multiple restarts to pick up network settings automatically.

If you do have issues with your broadband, or connecting to the internet, do contact Caversham Computers and we will be more than happy to arrange a visit to look at any problems you may have.