Retro computing, flashback to 1984!

We were sent this interesting newspaper cutting from the Daily Express in 1984 from one of our customers, which shows how computing has changed in the last 30 years.

In 1984 you could pick up the Commodore 64 “Business Package” with a disk drive, printer and colour screen, and with business software and six games for £899.85
In today’s money that is about £2,600 !

The Commodore 64 computer has 64K of memory to run software.  Compare that to computer of today which often has 8GB ram, that is 8388608K of ram compared to the original 64K.

If you couldn’t afford the Commodore 64, you could have the Commodore VIC 20 with a tiny 5K of ram!  The ZX spectrum was popular too, with it’s trendy rubber keys, joystick and plenty of games available on cassette tape.  Do you remember loading computer games from cassette tapes?

Even a compact camera was a luxury item back in 1984 with the Vivitar camera package coming up to close to £700 in today’s money.  A cheap compact camera of the day was £69.95 which today would be about £200, but of course you had to buy the films and get them developed.

Click on the images to see the newspaper cutting in full size.

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