Improve your Broadband and WiFi

With more and more devices in the home connecting to the internet via WiFi, Caversham Computers can give your home a WiFi Boost to get your Broadband Internet performing better than you ever dreamt possible!

Get your broadband working optimally for your smart TV’s, smart speakers, tablets, laptops, wireless printers, cameras, doorbells and all other devices.

Would you like a WiFi system for your whole home – one which connects all your ‘smart devices’ and works seamlessly?

Are you experiencing …
• Slow, unreliable broadband or wifi connection
• Frustrating internet dropouts
• Difficulty connecting in some areas of the house or office but not others
• Buffering or intermittent performance when streaming TV or music
• Problems with your home network
• Poor WiFi signal on phones or tablets

With our network diagnostics, we can plan and install a single WiFi network for your entire home or business so you are assured of a fast, reliable and secure network no matter what challenges your buildings may present!

Our WiFi and broadband check is designed to help improve your WiFi setup to provide a strong and fast WiFi signal everywhere.

• Eliminate dead spots
• Extend coverage
• Improve speed and security
• Fix frustrating, unreliable connections
• Boost performance

Give slow, intermittent and poor performing broadband the heave-ho and transform your home WiFi system into reliable and fast broadband.

We create powerful, fast, smart WiFi systems from scratch – personalised to your specific needs. Or if you have existing WiFi, we can work to make it smarter, stronger and more efficient.

From attic rooms to vaulted basements, offices or outdoor spaces, we have the experience and technology to provide you with brilliant WiFi to all areas of your home or business.

Whether you are a home-user or business owner, we have the solution. To get help with your Broadband and WiFi issues contact Caversham Computers today to arrange a visit.