Get ready for Summer! Give your computer a spring clean

Summer is on the way, and we’re looking forward to warmer weather. But keeping your computer running within safe temperatures is important, especially as the temperature rises outside.

What’s this got to do with my computer?

The cooling system of your computer is one of the most important features of the device. Without the cooling system, the electrical components of your computer wouldn’t be able to function; overheating would damage the integral parts of what makes your computer work. The heat has to be dissipated in order to keep everything working within safe operating temperatures.

Here are some pictures of a machine we recently worked on.  This is usually what we find when we do a repair.

Your computer and peripherals love dust, dirt, grime, and germs. Computers are dry, hot, have fans blowing through them all day, and lots of nooks and crannies to catch dust, hair, and other tiny debris as it passes through.

Why an Overheated Computer Is Dangerous?

Simply put, if your computer becomes too hot, it is possible to destroy and shorten the lifespan of the hardware inside your computer, leading to irreparable damage and potential data loss. Besides losing your data, heat pecks away at your computer’s internal organs—the motherboard, CPU, and more—significantly shortening its lifespan. Dependant on the extent of the issue, an overheating computer can even become a fire hazard.
Heat is the enemy of electronic components and compared to a solid-state device like a calculator your computer is exceptionally heat-sensitive and finicky.

What can I do?

Caversham Computers can give your desktop, laptop PC or office computers a spring clean, to ensure your machine is in optimal condition, to ensure reliability and the lifespan of the computer. Our repair and support services are exceptionally good value, and we’ll even collect the machine from you, and deliver back afterwards, at no extra cost for all completed jobs.

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