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Improve your Broadband and WiFi

With more and more devices in the home connecting to the internet via WiFi, Caversham Computers can give your home a WiFi Boost to get your Broadband Internet performing better than you ever dreamt possible!

Get your broadband working optimally for your smart TV’s, smart speakers, tablets, laptops, wireless printers, cameras, doorbells and all other devices.

Would you like a WiFi system for your whole home – one which connects all your ‘smart devices’ and works seamlessly?

Are you experiencing …
• Slow, unreliable broadband or wifi connection
• Frustrating internet dropouts
• Difficulty connecting in some areas of the house or office but not others
• Buffering or...

The 12 subject lines that could indicate your email is under attack

Cybersecurity experts have revealed a list of the 12 most common subject lines used in phishing emails targeting businesses.

In many cases, the language contained in the subject line of the email mimics popular terms used in the workplace to give the illusion that an urgent response is required; the idea being that an employee is more likely to open and respond to an email from a work colleague or their boss rather than a message from a stranger.

The data has been compiled by cybersecurity company Barracuda following an analysis of 360,000 phishing emails in a three month period.

The list shows that fraudsters are using a combination of personalisation and pressure in an attempt to deceive victims.

The top...