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Let us know your problem Get in touch with us with your computer, network, gadget or IT problem by calling 0118 321 3562 or via the contact form on the right hand side of this page 
Let us come to you! We’ll contact you to arrange to visit your home or business to fix the problem, or collect your computer from your home or business to be repaired
Problem Solved! In many cases we’ll resolve your problem at your home or business.  If we collect your computer for repair, we’ll contact you with an estimate for costs before proceeding with any work.  Once complete, we’ll arrange to deliver back to you.


If you would like to contact us for a support visit at your home or business, or you would like to book a collection for our collection and delivery repair service, please give us a call on 0118 321 3562 or fill in the contact form on this page.

Alternatively, you can email us at

If you would like to request a no obligation estimate for your computer repair, please fill in the contact form with your specific details and we will contact you with regards to your enquiry.

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