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Getting the most from your internet connection

Nearly everyone now a has broadband internet at home, to many people it has become as important as the conventional utilities in your home such as gas, electric and water.  But what if you turned the tap on and it only trickled out?  Would you be happy? The same applies to your internet, are you getting the full flow, or are you on a go slow? Many factors can affect your internet speed, including the speed of your connection through the line to your house, especially with ADSL through a copper BT phone line.  We can ensure that you are getting the most from your internet connection, assessing your equipment, wiring and configuration to ensure you are getting the fastest and most reliable connection.  Does your internet seem slow?  Does your internet...

Laptop repairs in Caversham and Reading

Over the past week we have had 3 laptop's into our workshops here at Caversham Computers all with a similar fault to the power supply and sockets. All three customers reported an identical problem where the laptop would not charge or had intermittent charging problems. Our engineers quickly diagnosed the faults, ordered the replacement parts and returned the laptops within a couple of working days. Three more satisfied customers! Repairing damaged laptops can be cheaper and more affordable than you might think. All of our repairs offer an economical solution with prices far cheaper than replacing the laptop because you thought it had come to the end of its working life. We can also speed up laptops and PC workstations at your home, offices or return the computer to our workshops,...

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