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What’s the best way to backup my Mac?

There are no shortage of options available for backing up data on an Apple Mac computer or MacBook running a recent version of OSX.  Keeping your data backed up is essential as the only guarantee with any storage device is that one day it will fail.  That’s why we prefer Time Machine as the best option for backing up data on Apple Mac computers. Time Machine has functionality that sets it apart from other backup software — making it the best choice for Macs.  First of all, Time Machine offers an incremental backup solution that’s built right in to the operating system, which automatically runs once set up without any user intervention.  This means that you don’t need to install any specialized software to start backing up.  Time Machine allows you to back up all your...

Grants still available for Berkshire businesses for superfast broadband upgrades

If you're running a small to medium businesses or you're a sole trader, charity or social enterprises you can apply for a grant for superfast broadband cash. Businesses in Reading borough can apply for a grant of up to £3,000 to help cover the costs of a high speed broadband connection to their offices or business premises. Through the Government’s "Broadband Connection Voucher Scheme" which supports business growth and development, local businesses can now get financial support to connect or upgrade to superfast broadband to help run their business more efficiently. Access to a superfast broadband connection allows the business to provide a better service to customers, improves the customer experience through faster communication and quicker file-sharing through higher upload and download speeds.  It also reduces software and hardware costs, enhances the way businesses communicate and collaborate through online...

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