Monthly Archives: May 2017

Protect yourself from Tech-Support scammers

Action Fraud has advised Caversham Computers that it has received the first reports of Tech-Support scammers claiming to be from Microsoft who are taking advantage of the global WannaCry ransomware attack. One victim fell for the scam after calling a ‘help’ number advertised on a pop up window. The window which wouldn’t close said the victim had been affected by WannaCry Ransomware. The victim granted the fraudsters remote access to their PC after being convinced there wasn’t sufficient anti-virus protection. The fraudsters then installed Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool, which is actually free and took £320 as payment. It is important to remember that Microsoft’s error and warning messages on your PC will never include a phone number. Additionally Microsoft will never proactively reach out to you to provide unsolicited PC or technical support. Any communication they have with...

Watch out for fake HMRC phishing scam email

Customers are strongly advised to lookout for a new phishing scam. If you get an email with the subject, “Your 2016 Tax Report”, with an attachment, do not open it. Please forward it to and then delete it. Phishing emails that claim to be from HMRC often promise money back and if you click on a link, you are taken to a fake replica of the HMRC website. You will then be asked to provide credit or debit card details or other sensitive information such as passwords. The fraudsters then try to steal the money from your bank account. HMRC will never use texts or emails to:
  • Tell you about a tax rebate or penalty.
  • Ask for personal or payment information.
For more advice, please visit GOV.‌UK and search “phishing”. If you need further...